Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fabulous Witch Shoe Party

Calling all Witches....Bring your fabulous shoes to the party! Just because there are witches, it  doesn't mean they are all evil. We like the fun witches who love to party.
The centerpiece is a wonderful glittered shoe from Pier 1.  It is sitting on a witch shoe cake plate. The witches love color, so  purple, orange and green are used. I started with a purple tablecloth wit a spider web topper.
Witch shoe candle holders from Pier 1.  The purple salad plates I bought last year on clearance. They look pink here, however they are purple.
Orange and purple napkins are slipped inside the black goblets by Zgallerie. I followed this color theme with layering the orange chargers, black plates, purple and black salad plate., followed by the purple compotes . I am using green flatware.
Witch legs and shoes were added to the backs of the chairs, along with purple pillow cases.  One cannot have enough shoes...cackle...cackle...cackle...
We cannot party without our Witch Brew!  It is tucked away in a fabulous shoe.
I found the high heels at Ross, so I thought they would make great name place holders.  I decorated them with purple and green glitter.  I also used purple flower picture holders to hold the place cards.
 Let the fun begin!
I am starting to feel better.  I thank those who offered their support and love. My hubby and I are working on a Halloween cake plate stand.  I will be posting it soon, along with the Butternut Squash soup.  Happy weekend...
Linda @ Life and Linda
Linda @ Life and Linda

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